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Your Partner in Unleashing Digital Marketing Success

Are you a small business owner yearning to conquer the digital landscape? Feeling overwhelmed with social media and email marketing? Look no further – you've found your marketing ally. With a passion for empowering small businesses, I bring a wealth of experience as a dedicated marketing coach.

Grow your business to a new level!

Social Media Coaching   +   Content Creation   +    Marketing Strategy

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JR_Logos (2)_edited_edited.png

Blossoming Reviews

Why my clients are doing the happy dance!

"Jodi was the missing piece to what I THOUGHT I didn't need! I sent her my logo just to show it to her and she pointed out things that were so obvious that I didn't notice! I asked myself, "How did I not see that?" She has the eye and has helped me in little ways that are so big for my business! She also saved me a lot of time by answering questions that I didn't have to research. Jodi is definitely someone to keep in mind as somewhat of a proofreader. As well as a great business tool!"



Founder & CEO of Bubbles & Bash


We All Start Somewhere, Right?

When Covid hit, I was living to work and hustling seven days a week, stressing myself out to the max. I was alone most days, and although I loved the people I worked with remotely, I was missing something.

I quickly discovered that in order to tap into my true calling and fill the gap in both my life and in the small busines digital marketing space, I needed to work directly with the client.

Today, I am one lucky lady who works closely with small business owners, empowering them to take control of their own digital marketing and grow their business to new levels.

There's nothing better than feeling connected and supported, am I right?

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